William CotterHealthcare has never been harder. 

We understand that the pressures facing our Members—burnout, staffing shortages, the constant specter of mega-verdicts, the ongoing erosion of tort reform, and the criminalization of healthcare, to name a few—remain as challenging as ever. At Physicians Insurance/MedChoice, our whole focus is on diffusing these pressures and helping you mitigate your risk. 

Our purpose—to protect, defend, and support our Members—has never been more vital than it is in the current healthcare environment. I want to assure you that we have never been more focused and dedicated to this purpose, and we will continue to be in 2023 and beyond.

Physicians Insurance/MedChoice, is constantly looking for ways to make our products work even better for you. Whether that means adding innovative endorsements or launching wholly new products, you can trust that providing industry-leading protection for our Members will always be our priority. 

We are bringing world-class advocacy to Washington to push back against the erosion of tort reform at both the state and federal levels. As your partner in risk management, we are working hard to optimize our services to help Members identify and mitigate hazards to both patients and caregivers. And rigorous defense of our Members in claims and litigation remains a hallmark of Physicians Insurance/MedChoice, evidenced by our 10-year average of 96% defense verdicts in our Members’ jury trials. In short, you can count on Physicians Insurance/MedChoice to fight for what’s right, and to fight for you. 

This newsletter will tell you more about some of the initiatives we have underway. More than anything, however, we want to emphasize our singular message: Physicians Insurance/MedChoice is here to protect, defend, and support YOU, our Members.