Breach Response

Data breaches and ransomware pose a growing threat to businesses of all sizes. Customers and employees entrust organizations with their personal or private information, exposing businesses to substantial expense and liability if data is lost, stolen, or compromised. Even more damaging than the direct costs associated with a breach may be the damage to a business’s reputation and loss of client trust.

Coverage Highlights

  • Breach Response
  • First Party Losses
    • Business Interruption
    • Cyber Extortion
    • Data Recovery
    • Reputational losses
  • Third Party Liability
    • Data & Network Liability
    • Regulatory Defense & Penalties
    • Payment Card Liabilities & Costs
    • Media Liability
  • eCrime
    • Fraudulent Instruction
    • Funds Transfer Fraud
    • Telephone Fraud
    • Criminal Reward

Claims handling and breach response services are provided by Beazley USA Services, a member of Beazley Group. Beazley USA Services does not underwrite insurance for Physicians Insurance Cyber 0122. Policies purchased through Physicians Insurance are subject to Physicians Insurance’s underwriting processes.