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We accept online payments; all you need is your account number and billing ZIP code.


By Check

If you are paying for a group, please include your itemized Account Detail Statement to clarify your final payment amount. 

Physicians Insurance A Mutual Company
PO Box 84453
Seattle, WA 98124-5753

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Effective 4/13/20, Physicians Insurance is waiving the 2.5% service fee on monthly installment billing plans for the remainder of the year. This applies to all policyholders in all states. We are also allowing policyholders to transition from a quarterly installment plan to a monthly plan in order to provide them with cash flow relief; arrangements for this type of transition should be made directly with the underwriting department. (Note: Invoices printed April 13th do not include service fees.)

Questions About Paying My Bill

Your billing questions may be answered in the FAQs below. If not, you can contact us at (800) 962-1399, or via e-mail.

  E-mail the Finance Department at for:

  • Account-balance inquiries
  • Payment verification
  • Invoice copies
  • Online payments

  E-mail the Underwriting Department at for: 

  • Effect of policy changes
  • Premium amounts/premium changes
  • Rating/coverage questions

You can pay online at using our online payment portal.  We accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover, as well as ACH fund transfers.  

You can also send your premium payment by check. Payments can be mailed to:

  Physicians Insurance A Mutual Company
PO Box 84453
Seattle, WA 98124-5753

Please include the remittance portion of your billing statement with your check. If you are paying for a group, please use and include your itemized Account Detail Statement to clarify your final payment amount. This helps us apply your payment accurately to individual accounts.

If you overpay, the difference will be credited to your next installment (minimum) due. If you underpay, your account may become delinquent.

Yes. If your account becomes delinquent, a representative of Physicians Insurance A Mutual Company may contact you by mail or phone. If your account continues to be delinquent, you will receive a written notice of cancellation for nonpayment of your premium.

All clinics with a summary statement receive two copies of the detail statement, listing those providers with a premium due or premium credit. If what you are paying is different from the amount due, we ask that you note on the return copy the amount you intend to have applied to each individual, then either enclose it in the envelope with your check or, if you are using our E-Payment Service, e-mail it to This will ensure that your payment is posted accurately to individual accounts.

Statement and Policy Questions

There are four options available:

  1. Monthly - totaling 11 monthly installments, which bears a 2.5% service charge per installment
  2. Quarterly - no service charges
  3. Semi-annual - no service charges
  4. Annual - no service charges

The service charge of 2.5% is based on the current installment due for monthly payment plans. Please be aware that if the monthly installment is not paid, the current installment due will increase, as will the calculated service charge. There is no service charge for quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payment plans.

No. Each individual included in a billing account must be on the same payment plan.

Physicians Insurance prints and mails statements around the 10th of each month, 21 days before each installment due date.

The amount due can be found in the main body of the statement and on the remit-slip portion of your statement. Your payment options are based on the payment plan chosen (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual) and are reflected on the statement as the minimum amount due. The statement also shows the full amount due, should you wish to pay your entire premium in full.

Yes, it is possible to transfer credits when necessary. Please contact our Finance Department at (800) 962-1399 to initiate this process.

Please pay what the current bill indicates. Any premium changes as a result of endorsements, cancellation, or extended reporting endorsements (tail) will be accounted for on future statements.

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