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Medical Professional Liability: Individuals

Physicians Insurance is the leading provider of medical professional liability in Washington State—where the majority of insurable physicians have chosen Physicians Insurance. And, for the past few years in Oregon, an average of 200 physicians each year are switching to Physicians Insurance.

This growth and stability are because physicians appreciate our competitive premiums, they know that consent to settle any claim rests with the insured physician, and they see our local market presence in the communities we serve.

Policy is available at the following limits:
  • $1 million/5 million
  • $2 million/6 million
  • $3 million/7 million
  • $4 million/8 million
  • $5 million/9 million
Do you need this coverage?
As a medical professional, you want claims-made coverage to protect you for rendering services in your professional capacity. Premiums in a claims-made policy tend to be lower than occurrence policies since the coverage is more sensitive to current loss trends and conditions, and does not require predicting losses over long periods of time in order to determine the rate for the current year.

Other Coverage Included in Our Medical Professional Liability Policies
Tail Coverage
Coverage under a claims-made policy may be extended indefinitely by an extended reporting endorsement, which is popularly called tail coverage. Physicians Insurance provides tail coverage at no cost to our insured physicians who retire from the practice of medicine after at least five continuous years of claims-made insurance in our policy territory, with the final year at Physicians Insurance.
Temporary Coverage
A Locum Tenens physician is a temporary and occasional replacement for an insured physician or midlevel who is absent from his or her regular practice. Coverage is provided for each insured at no cost upon verification of the locum physician’s medical license.
A Per Diem physician is an additional staff member to a practice that needs temporary coverage. Additional premium is assessed based on the physician’s risk exposure, and days the coverage is being provided in a policy year.
These locum and per diem professionals are still governed by their respective regulatory bodies, despite the transient nature of their positions.
Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Coverage
A $100,000 limit for Employment Practices Liability (EPL) coverage is provided for each insured at no cost.
Data Compromise Coverage
A $50,000 limit for data compromise is added for a small additional fee. Higher limits are available.
Peer Review Liability
Subject to a $1 million limit, Physicians Insurance pays those sums the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as damages because of services rendered by the insured for a formal accreditation, standards review, or similar professional board or committee of a hospital, state medical society, county medical society, or medical specialty society
HIPAA Defense Reimbursement
Subject to a $50,000 limit per year, Physicians Insurance will reimburse the insured for the reasonable fees of the attorney of the insured’s choice incurred in defending, on an administrative level, a dispute, action, formal complaint, or proceeding brought by a federal agency charged with enforcing privacy and security rules
Disciplinary Proceeding Defense Reimbursement
Subject to a $50,000 limit per year, Physicians Insurance will reimburse the insured for reasonable fees of the attorney chosen by the insured and incurred out of an investigation of the insured by the state health care disciplinary agency
Trial Attendance Loss of Earnings
Physicians Insurance pays actual loss of earnings for an insured for attendance at trials or arbitration hearings not to exceed $1,000 per half day, up to a maximum of $40,000
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NOTE: These brief descriptions do not offer or change coverage. All insurance policies are controlled by the terms of the policies.

Nick Rajacich, MD, Orthopedic Surgery, Tacoma, Washington

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